21 PC e-Bit & e-Nut Set (#RM-ENBT21C)
21 PC e-Bit & e-Nut Set (#RM-ENBT21C)
Product Description

Torsion Impact e-Nut® (Elastic nut):

  • RM Torsion Impact e-Nut® is made of S2 alloy steel high quality resistant steel with proper heat treating process.
  • RM Torsion Impact e-Nut® is twice or more as durable as other bits produced by our rivals.
  • RM Torsion Impact e-Nut® deliver power straightly, no energy wasted in heavy loading.
  • RM Torsion Impact e-Nut® exceed DIN & ASME standard, perfectly fits screw recesses, will not damage screws thousands of times with the best quality.